Jimmy Jay Vinson, Founder

A Word From Our Founder and CEO

Starting my nonprofit gave me away to make a deeper impact in the lives of the youth in my community. The ability  to develop youth and young adults capacity to engage in positive behaviors, to nurture their well-being, to help them set personal goals and grow into self-sufficient adults is very rewarding. 

However,  I soon discovered that if I wanted to really impact the lives of the youth I served, I would have to find a way to reach their parents and/or guardians as well.  Over the past decade, research has highlighted the importance of close and caring relationships between young people and their parents. Strong relationships were shown to be protective against a range of behaviors that affect health and well-being in adolescence, including substance use, violence and early initiation of sexual behaviors.  

JJV Enterprises offers programs that encourage family bonding, gives parents  creative ways to be effectively involved in their young person's life, (even in times of great difficulties such as when a young person is engaging in problematic behaviors), and offer social service referrals to individuals, youth, and their families that can help them navigate through life challenges. 

Offering these programs also provided to me  a new insight that achieving positive and measurable outcomes could only happen through a holistic approach. Coaching the whole person( m ind, body, and spirit) has proven to greatly empower youth and their families to live their best lives! 

My vision for JJV Enterprises is to empower individuals, youth, and families  Mind,Body, and Spirit!  To give our participants the tools they need to change and live more healthier and happier lifestyles. 

Founder, Jay Vinson

Certified Fitness & Wellness Coach

Certified Life/Spiritual Life Coach

Member of Lamad International Coaching Association

Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors



Fitness & wellness

Physical activity is a critical component to wellness, yet for busy families, it’s often difficult to find the energy or time for fitness after all of our other daily work/life responsibilities. Does it seem impossible to fit one more thing into your already jam-packed day? JJV Enterprises has fitness and wellness workshops  to help. Our community services workshops are held at local libraries and parks  are free and open to the public. Check our event calendar for upcoming workshop information. 

Educational & Cultural Arts

Age Appropriate monthly workshops typically offer dance, music, theater, arts and crafts, martial arts, wellness, SAT preparation, mentoring,  and much more! During the Summer JJV Enterprises host Arts in the Parks in parks throughout Metro Atlanta and West Georgia. Youth and their families are exposed to educational and cultural arts programs. Our Future Community Arts Center will be a multi-use facility, and an ideal venue for Retreats, meetings, training sessions and more. Year-Round we will  host a variety of Art-driven events, talks, performances, and roundtable conversations.  

Our Focus


Our mission

 JJV Enterprises International equips individuals and families to address poverty and hunger, overcome homelesness, and provide awareness programs that will combate educational and cultural barriers that have historically blocked disenfranchised communities to achieve self-sufficiency. 


Our Vision

The vision of JJV ENTERPRISES INTERNATIONAL is to lead a societal shift toward family self-sufficiency, healthy eating and active lifestyles to promote childhood healthier weights and to end the school to prison pipeline through coaching and mentoring at-risk-youth  that provide positive physical and emotional benefits.  Our goal is to provide social services,  and other programs, not limited to sports, cultural and performing arts, and education, as vehicles to help empower  individuals, youth, and their families to live their best lives.  

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Community wellness initiatives

Keep Going Don't Stop is a wellness and fitness health fair that meets in local community parks throughout the year.  Youth and their families may participate in Mass Group Low-impact aerobics, participate in  as wellness blood pressure screenings,  as well as receive educational material on health and wellness.

Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters  is helping end childhood hunger by inspiring families to make healthy, affordable food choices. Our programs teach parents and caregivers with limited food budgets to shop for and cook healthy meals.   Cooking Matters host programs for PTA's, churches, and social/civic groups throughout the year.

Mental health awareness

Mental illness is a major global health issue. In the United States alone the National Institutes for Health reports that nearly 44 million adults (18%) experience mental illness per year. Raising awareness and increasing the understanding of mental health can change the way society views and responds to this complex issue. Extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors involving weight and food is a kind of mental health problem.  JJV offers strategic advocacy and communications to help youths and their families access mental health services and supports. JJV Enterprises offers mental health awareness workshops throughout the year. JJV Enterprises partners with the Lamad International Coaching Association and can refer clients to one of their Licensed professional counselors when clients needs fall outside of coaching practices.



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