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Interim Preachers Ministry Assignments

Burnout is a real problem, and for pastors, it is a real threat to us, our family, our ministry, and our church. According to one study on why pastors leave the ministry, moral failure is only the second most common reason pastors leave the ministry. The first is burnout.  Not only does Pastor J. Vinson offer Spiritual Life Coaching to Pastors experiencing Burn out, he is available as A Interim Preacher for Pastors that are taking their 1-2 Week Vacation. Interim Preaching Ministry Assignments must be booked six months in advance as Pastor Jay is the lead Pastor or his own ministry and church. Therefore, whether you need one Sunday off every quarter or you need two weeks off each year, take time for Self-Care and contact Pastor/Coach J. Vinson today.

Conference Guest Speaker

Pastor Jay Vinson is a dynamic speaker filled  with Revelation knowledge! Conference participants can expect an atmosphere of spirit-filled teaching and preaching in the presence of God for this inspiring and transforming keynote speaker. Conference Organizers may also request Pastor Jay to conduct breakout sessions as well. His expertise in Spiritual Life Coaching, Finding Your God-Given Purpose, Male empowerment, and Youth Ministry are just some of the topics he is available to cover.

Pain to Purpose

Pastor Jay Vinson is available to speak at your ministry event or church service on his book Pain to Purpose. Contact Pastor Jay by clicking here for any Faith-Based Speaking Engagement request.


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If your school, company, or ministry would like to book Coach Vinson for speaking engagements, please click  the link below!  

Coach Vinson  also available for group, one-to-one, or phone coaching in the areas of personal, financial, fitness, wellness, or spiritual Life Coaching. Contact JJV Enterprises today!